Awardhistory 1999


Weiße Liste Weiße Liste
01/1999 - 03/2005
Founder: Solaris RA

The idea of the "Weiße Liste" was to separate the wheat from the chaff. Between the increasing number of web awards these were identified, who followed the basic rules of giving awards and who did not dump their awards as advertisment.
In the beginning there existet also a "Schwarze Liste" for commercial and a "gray list" for personal awards which were found to be not respectable.
The Weiße Liste lend as the first so called seals of verifying. Members were admitted in three ratings with increasing requirements, the ratings silver and gold were given only without application.
The index is online to date, I advise a visit even because of the many awards to be found there still.

Screenshot | Weiße Liste

01/1999 - 11/2003
Founder: Werner Nagelhofer further: Nicole Luck, Fabian Lorenzen

The "Index der Webhexen und Hexenmeister" also achieved the function to admit and introduce ambitious award programs wich achived the defined criteria. The membership should be slightly special wich was accentuated by the consistent updating and exemplary design of the index.
Like others the WHM had attached a message board, wich was precursor of the Award-Index-Forum [AIF] founded 2001 as a independent platform for discussions.
The Award FAQ contained short articles, help an thoughts concerning the issue web awards.


Award Index Richtig Award Index Richtig
03/1999 - 11/2003
Founder: Frank Knospe

"Class not masse", quality instead of infaltion was the guiding idea of the "Award Index Richtig". The members should give positive examples of award programs wich set themselfes apart from the crowd.
The limited number of members was seperated into three quality levels, the red label was the highest.

MetatroniC MetatroniC
08/1999 - 03/2005
Founder: Solaris RA

Especially outstanding members of the Weiße Liste, wich reached the golden seal, were invited to a membership of MetatroniC. An application was not possible.
The members of MetatroniC formed a jury that awarded the MetatroniC-Award monthly. This mention given from very experienced award masters was considered respectively valuable.

Screenshot | MetatroniC

Awardpolice Awardpolice
10/1999 - 01/2000
Founder: Michael und Dietmar M.

This short-dated index focused on test award applications while evaluating the potential members.
Not only for this reason there existed the option of an "active membership", to assist the index.

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