Awardhistory 2003


PAI Palion Award Index
04/2003 - 2007
Founder: Peter Müller

The Palion Index listed german and international Awards in five different Levels.
The index was distinguished by it's long lasting consistency.

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Awardia Awardia
12/2003 - 11/2005
Founder: Werner Nagelhofer Weitere: Mehrere weitere Beteiligte

Awardia was founded with the collaboration of many experenced awardmasters. It was intended as a community-project with reciprocal assistance and help. A choice of high-quality awards was presented for the applicants and a lot of helpful information for those who were seeking advice. Amongst others the "Award-FAQ" from the further WHM Index was continued by Awardia.
The rating of the members effected by using three levels of a pyramide. The golden "corona" was reserved to awards nominated by the team of Awardia.
English awards where listed as well. The prasentation of the members was exemplary, including interviews and complete portfolios.



Awardschule Awardschule
08/2003 - 10/2004
Founder: Thalimee

The "Award-school" was intended as an information platform and gave the facility to meet experenced awardmasters. The basics of webawards where elucidated in a comprehensible and clear way.
Awardmasters gave their assitance as "teachers" to the beginners, they helped with tips and feedback. A certificate was given to the alumni of the award-school.

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