If you have disigned award graphics, which are not exibited in the museum, you can contact me via contactform oder e-mail to

Please notice that I will only accept graphics

  • which show quality in design
  • which feature characteristics [creativity, style, design, graphically implemantation are for example indications]
  • which do not violate copyrights [with the transmittal you approve that you bear all rights and don´t violate third party´s rights]
  • which do not display the URL of the Awardmaster
  • which are available in a file format capable for web use

Jugendstilkuppel, Paris Because the focus lies on the graphics, the design of the Awardprogram and website or any memberships don´t influence the admission into the museum.
One exclusion are websites which violate noticeable applicable law, in these cases I desist from admitting.

Iask for appreciation that an admission is not possible in every case, a selection is made. Plaese accept also the decision not to be admitted.
A notification or refusal via e-mail is not intended, in reason of time. Of course there is no commitment to admit any graphic.

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