Museum Louve, Paris, view through the portal A Webaward transmits appreciation. Usually for this reason a small graphic is used, wich is given to the awarded webmaster, often accompanied by a written statement or laudation.
Among these awardgrphics, created since mid of the 90´s, real artworks can be found. Despite the small dimensions, they were designed affectionately, qualitative high-class graphics were compiled. As a signboard of the awardprogram special advertence and creativity were attended to them.

Most of the awards shown here are not active any more. To avoid misunderstanding, I indicate that this museum is not an Awardindex or something like this. Who wants to apply for an award will find active awardprograms in the current Awardindices and databases.
There is a simple reason for linking the awardmasters, whose graphics are exhibited here: it is a thank for allocating the awardgraphics. On the other hand many of them demonstrate not only mastery in graphics, they are also webmasters who know their craft off pat. Independend of an active awardprogram I advice to use the museum beyond the graphic enjoyment as a surfboard for worth seeing websites.

On the following pages many of the small works of art are to be admired, sorted by vintage. The museum procures an impression what is possible with miniature-graphics. It shall delight and inspire by diversity, creativity and skills.

Sälen, Paris Some pointers for your visit:

On the pages of the different vintages the graphics are shown in smaller size, sometimes a lower quality is effected. Please use the link "View" next to the loupe to show the graphics in original size.
This is recommanded also because sometimes further graphics from a serial are displayed (for example if there are ratings like gold, silver etc.).

The graphics are alphabetically sorted by name of the designer, the order does not imply any valuation.
Of course the permission to show the awards is given in either case. Actually 573 awards are exhibited in this museum, most of them from german-speaking countries. This should be the greatest suchlike collection in the web.

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Extension of the collection:

The awardmuseum will never be complete, as well this is not the aim. However, it documents a part of the internet history and shall increase. I am happy about every further exponats in the future, new created awards or as well older ones that miss actually. The museum lives on the participation of awardmasters.

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Now I wish you a pleasent visit of the exhibition, you can start in any vintage:

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