Once upon a time ...

Mid of the 90´s an invention called "World Wide Web" began to establish and to enter everyday life. It revolutionized communication and created new pathways of information, every user can participate.

Even more, everybody could be an actor, everybody is a publisher. It was afforded to announce and to share own mind, cognition and experiences with others around the world. The rapid appearence of "private homepages" started. Among professionel websites more and more users got active and discovered a personal website as a hobby.

Stairway The concept of the webawards follwed soon.
Below the fast increasing numbers of hobby-websites existed some, which set themselfs apart from the crowd. They offered really good content, brilliant design and perfected the handling of web techniques. All in all this are websites of high quality and orginality, they stand out from the mass of "homepages" and they feature an exemplary character. The webaward is a sign of approval for accurately these websites, handed out from webmasters to webmasters. The award applauds and introduces web projects felt as something special to the users community.

Concerning the webaward a community developed, parctised the hobby more or less together and founded other projects connected with the issue. Award programs came and went, alike the other linked projects. During more than ten years a lot of awards and resources developed, some were forgotten a short time later, some exist to date.

Intention of the Award-History is to present some of these awards and projects, focused on Germany and the German-speaking countries [however, the history of the American and international award scene may be very different]. This is done without claiming completeness, which is inaccessible. It is just an exhibition, a museum, that shows parts of the webaward´s history but does not comment completeness.

The idea behind this project is not new, it has it´s own history going back to the year 1999 and to be read here.

The Awardhistory also received some awards wich are presented here: awarded.

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